Two self-explanatory additions to my syllabi this semester

1. Electronic Devices That Should Be Turned Off And/Or Ignored During Class Because It Is Incredibly Distracting, Not to Mention Obnoxious and Rude, To Do Otherwise:


2. Why Your Participation Grade Matters:

- Because, of the infinite possible life choices you could have made, you chose to go to college, there is no law requiring you to be a college student against your will, and as such, you’re expected to act like a college student in my classroom, which you’re free to interpret however you’d like, but I interpret it like this: a college student wants to learn, is respectful and deserving of respect, shows up and completes tasks on time, is prepared for class, is intellectually curious, doesn’t groan when asked to read a book because he or she understands that when you’re a student you’re going to have to read books and even further he or she knows that reading is central to learning, understands that this whole endeavor is costing them a lot of money, and generally acts like an adult, not just someone who follows orders but someone who values knowledge and the importance of ideas, and, therefore, all things considered, the participation grade should be viewed as a reasonably accurate measure of one’s ability to demonstrate that one is an active and interested learner whose performance warrants the recognition conferred by a higher grade.

- It counts as 30% of your final grade.

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  1. Oh, you writers. Such great imaginations. But, aren’t your characters supposed to be believable as well?

    sylwester ratowt | Jan 21, 2013 | Reply

  2. You have standards. I hope that I can get greencarded into some other section.

    Jeff R | Jan 21, 2013 | Reply

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